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Developmental Disabilities

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Program

Our IDD program serves one of the largest populations of adults with IDD in the state of Georgia. This program serves individuals who are at least 18 years old and have a primary diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability. The program is funded by the Medicaid Waiver along with supplemental funds through Grant-in-Aid. All referrals must come from support coordinators that work in conjunction with DBHDD staff to find placement for individuals.

Community Homes

The community homes in Thomasville continue to offer care to extremely medically fragile and behaviorally challenged individuals. There are a total of six homes that house 3-4 individuals in each home. At this time, one of the homes is vacant. The IDD residential program boasts one of the highest censuses of community homes and medically compromised individuals in the state of Georgia. The community homes also provide an intense level of direct nursing services and nursing oversight. Together with the nursing services, the community homes provide round the clock direct support to include total care of individuals that are unable to perform activities of daily living (eating, bathing, toileting) for themselves.

Host Homes

We contract with seven host homes that span Moultrie, Thomasville, Pelham and Bainbridge. In these homes, IDD individuals live in the home of persons in the community that are vetted and trained by our agency as well as cleared and approved by DBHDD. These host homes provide an intimate home environment for IDD individuals and house a maximum of two individuals in one site. Our host home providers are highly trained and monitored by our case managers to ensure the highest quality of care is being rendered. Georgia Pines case managers work closely with our host home providers to make sure documentation and certifications are up to date. This is a program that we intend to grow in the near future.

Community Living Services (CLS) & Community Residential Arrangements (CRA)

These services are offered to individuals that either live at home or live in their own apartment in the community. For individuals that live at home, we provide case management and additional staffing (CLS).  

This service is critical to allowing the individuals to thrive in their home. For individuals that live in an apartment in the community, we provide 24/7 staffing and support all of their daily needs (CRA).

We also provide case management and representative payee services for the individuals in the program.

Community Access Group (CAG), also known as Service Centers

These service centers provided a social and educational environment for our IDD individuals.

Also, as state and national trends are moving away from sheltered work environments, our team in Bainbridge has begun receiving technical assistance regarding the delivery of competitive and integrative employment services. It is our intent to continue providing best practice services to empower our individuals to be well-connected, productive members of our communities.

Other Services​

Georgia Pines Community Service Board offers an array of support and services to the people of southwest Georgia who are affected by mental illness, addictive disease, and development disabilities.

Mental Health

Addictive Disease

Specialty Services

Referral Procedures

Often individuals are referred for services through their primary care doctor, hospital or other agencies.

A referral is not necessary to receive services. We now offer “Open Access”, meaning an appointment is not required. To begin services, stop by one of our four clinics (Thomasville, Moultrie, Bainbridge or Pelham) for a behavioral health assessment. This process typically takes an hour or more. During the behavioral health assessment process, you will be scheduled to see our psychiatrist and referred to appropriate services. You are the most important person in your treatment process and the guiding force behind all services.

Upon arrival to your appointment, you will need the following documents:

  • Georgia driver’s license or valid Georgia ID
  • Proof of household income
  • Medicaid or Medicare documentation

*Proof of Georgia residence is required of individuals with no Medicaid or Medicare Coverage to be eligible for payment assistance

*If any of the above documents are not available to you please call 229-225-4335 to find out additional documentation you may need.

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